Effectuation Chronicle #25: Bodyo, A Healthy Body In A Healthy Spirit

March 1, 2019

No need to remind you how a lack of sport and poor nutrition can affect your health. There is a real awareness of the problem and the means exist to remedy it. On the other hand, it is more difficult, without coaching, to be able to make a personalized effort as well as a long-term

Effectuation Chronicle #24: ATAWA, The Event Revolution

February 20, 2019

“We must consider that all the events that happen to us are happy events,” says playwright Sacha Guitry. Easier said than done. The entire success of the event you have been planning for months now rests on the shoulders of your service providers. A delay in delivery, a misunderstanding or misunderstanding… and the drama happens.

Effectuation Chronicle #23: Private Cuvée, Giving Back To Wine Its Symbolic Value

February 13, 2019

Trend or real awareness, the return to the land is on the rise. A return to the land very often accompanied by the will to know the producers and their stories. Who wouldn’t be tempted to participate in one way or another in the production of what they consume? We can already adopt a hen

Performance Review #22 : Prof en Poche, They Stayed On The School Benches

February 7, 2019

Who has never spent several hours in front of a school assignment without understanding what was expected by the teacher? Between parents’ irritation and children’s exasperation, anarchy in the house quickly arrived when it comes to schoolwork! What parent would leave their dear cherubs in a total misunderstanding of their lessons? Very few, and that’s

Effectuation Chronicle #21: Kaiko, Crypto Data Expedition

January 31, 2019

Exploring the deepest seabed remains mysterious for most of us. Dark, almost unknown and full of risks, oceanic faults have been explored using increasingly powerful technologies. A fascinating and disturbing universe, including the deepest fault, Challenger Deep, at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, has finally been explored by the Kaiko submarine. This Japanese submersible

Effectuation Chronicle #20: Gatling, Getting Armed for the Rise in Charge

January 19, 2019

Your Tech team has been developing for several months now the new version of your site specially designed for the sales that are coming soon. Three, two, one… live launch on D-Day! Victim of its success, your site does not resist the thousands of users rushing to good deals. It’s a panic on the Tech

Effectuation Chronicles #19: PinotBleu, Transmitting the Love of Organic Wine

December 19, 2018

As Marcel Pagnol said, “When the wine is drawn, it should be drunk, especially if it is good”. But with 80% of the wine bought in supermarkets and no proven advice, what should you drink? Who has never spent 30 minutes in the Carrefour wine section trying to choose the right Bordeaux to impress a

Effectuation Chronicles #18: KickandBoost Making the Invisible Visible

December 13, 2018

In 1975, the intangible represented 17% of the value of our companies, today it represents more than 84%. What happened? What happened? Undoubtedly a profound transformation of our economy towards knowledge and digital technology. But how can we make visible this intangible value resulting from our brain juice, from the interactions between the company, its

Effectuation Chronicles #17: Bloom At Work, Measuring Gross Workplace Happiness

December 3, 2018

You are a manager: do you think your employees are fulfilled at work? Are you an employee: do you make your voice heard on your well-being at work? These questions, which form the basis for good social dialogue and better corporate performance, are often overlooked or even forgotten. Yet academic studies such as UC Berkeley’s

Effectuation Chronicles #16: POSQA, Augmented Paper

November 23, 2018

In a nutshell. Emotion in augmented reality. Thomas Templier, as his name suggests, is a traveller, a conqueror. He never forgets to send a postcard to his grandmother. The latter, always happy to discover his new adventures, inspired the young man. As soon as he finishes his studies, after a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and