Effectuation Chronicle #14: MYRE, When the Stone Becomes Intelligent

November 2, 2018

In recent months we have witnessed the cautious growth of proptech. The real estate industry is still lagging behind in terms of digital transformation. Entire cities of real estate data are managed using inflexible tools or spreadsheets. While it is the great upheaval in the economy as a whole, it is now the turn of

Effectuation Chronicle #12 – Eyenight, A Celebration For A Thousand And One Night

October 26, 2018

Summer is coming to an end. With the start of the school year, holiday loves like dead leaves are picked up by the shovel. September looks very sad. And yet, there is a clear joy in the city. You have seen them proud as Artaban wearing their colours; or heard their carabinieri songs and bawdy

Effectuation Chronicle #13: Poetics, Hope Rock In A Punk Fashion

October 20, 2018

1967. The Beatles were releasing the iconic Sergeant Lonely Heart Club band. Johnny was the idol of the young people. Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot loved each other with style. Ah, the dream and nostalgia of the carefree yéyés… But here we are, the world has changed a lot. Or rather, we lost the naivety with

Effectuation Chronicles #11: Inscoper, An Intelligence to Observe Life

October 7, 2018

It’s Sunday night. You are in your sofa, comfortably seated, for your weekly sin: television. Tonight, a fiction presents a mad and megalomaniac scientist at the head of an infernal machine. Enhanced by a colourful personality, the result is a mixture of Moonraker and Dr. Folamour. Even if it’s in a movie, it’s hard not

Effectuation Chronicle #10: Merito, Against the Trime That Doesn’t Pay

September 30, 2018

Today, you are the manager of a department store. The responsibility of a battalion of salesmen, warehouse workers, cashiers and department heads rests on your shoulders. It’s Monday at eight o’clock and the store is waking up. Your first customers are pounding in front of the doors and you’re ready… Crac! What? What? No ?